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Quality is not an absolute concept. It depends on the user’s requirements for a product or service.


Welcome to the website of Dutch Coating Consultants B.V. Dutch Coating Consultants is an independent consultancy in the field of metal preservation and corrosion protection and all related consultancy activities. Dutch Coating Consultants was founded early 2013 by Erik Boer and Wim Bonestroo. DCC BV is primarily active with consultancy and inspection for the petrochemical, infrastructure and (renewable)energy sectors. DCC BV staff has an extensive combined experience and knowledge  and we are capable of providing satisfactory answers to the wide variety of questions and demands that our clients have. 

Our services

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Maintenance strategies

Establishing a solid maintenance strategy is craftsmanship. It requires knowledge as well as long-term experience. DCC is your partner and capable of generating tailor made solutions.

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Arbitrage en mediation

Very often mediation is the way forward to avoid a legal approach to a problem. If an arbitration legal case cannot be avoided DCC will assist you as a “witness expert”.

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Cost estimates

A cost estimate can be used as a check on a quotation or may be used for budgetary purposes. DCC provides cost estimates that are in line with the current benchmarks.

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Coating specifications

A thorough coating specification is a necessary basis for any successful coating project. It converts expectations into concrete requirements. DCC supplies unambiguous specifications that provide clarity for all parties involved.

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Failure analysis

A thorough failure analysis is not just a report containing an accumulation of laboratory test results. In addition to the use of the relevant techniques, having the right strategy is of even greater importance. DCC has many years of experience in performing failure analysis.

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Laboratory results

Detecting carcinogenic or toxic substances in existing coating systems is a vital step in protecting people and the environment. DCC runs analysis on existing coating systems and provides a thorough interpretation of the test results.

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Inspection is the method to determine to what extent explicit specifications requirements are met. DCC has professional certified coating inspectors with decades of experience. A DCC inspector relies exclusively on facts, not on opinions.

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Training is the way forward to increase knowledge, “refresh” knowledge or to work towards an official certification path. DCC Training BV is the focal point where acquired knowledge and decades of experience are available.

Dcc training

DCC is specialized in providing training and education. Our instructors have decades of experience. DCC has set up a separate BV where “training and education” are core activities. The name of this company is Dutch Coating Consultants Training BV.


Below you will find randomly selected projects where DCC currently provides its services and expertise.

TEAM Terminal

DCC is proud to execute the “management” and coating strategy for TEAM Terminal, a major crude oil storage terminal. The total protected surface area by coatings of the storage tanks is estimated to be more than 250,000 m2 of…

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Hartel Tank Terminal (HES)

DCC BV is involved in the new building of the HES Hartel Tank Terminal at the port of Rotterdam. A total of 54 tanks with a capacity of 1.3 million m3 will be built on the site of the new terminal. The tanks are protected against corrosion both internal and external…

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Dow Terneuzen

DCC has been requested by DOW Terneuzen to carry out a coating survey of a number of factories. The condition assessment of the coating systems was based on, among other things, the ISO 4628 standard. A good understanding of the…

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Akito Noshiro

DCC BV is involved in various offshore wind turbine projects including the Akita Noshiro project. This project is located near the ports of Akita and Noshiro in Japan. It is a relatively small wind farm by European standards including…

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“We have been working with DCC since the foundation. Craftsmanship, reliability, clear and objective reporting are the core tasks we were looking for as a company and this is what we found at DCC. The preparation of coating specificaJons, follow-up of coating activities and final reporting is in good hands at DCC. All activities are carried out to full satisfaction.”

W.J.W – TEAM Terminal B.V.

“DCC has been a reliable partner for many years that ensures that metal preservation does and continues to do its “job”, i.e, protection of steel. In addition to this technical support, DCC is always able to discuss the differences between assignment and expectations in such a way that advice is not only understood but also implemented.”

Rob van der Beijl – ExxonMobil Chemical Holland B.V.

“As a High End Data Center, we always want to be able to offer our customers a well-protected environment. One of the invisible dangers in data centers is corrosion. The current metals that are used by the hardware manufacturers today are often much less of quality compared to 15 years ago. Steel is no longer treated after cutting and punching to keep costs low. As a result, cut edges are often untreated steel. This means that applying the ASHRAE standard is insufficient for our standards. In order to properly control the corrosion process within our locations, we looked for specialists in the field of corrosion. We found these at DCC. They carry out annual measurements and checks at our locations so that our customers are assured of the best possible climate conditions.”

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