Measuring colour and

colour differences

In many cases the color of a coating system is important. Is the color of the coating the agreed color? Is there so-called “discoloration”? DCC can assist you.

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Colour and perception of colour is often a subjective issue. Colour can however be measured using the CIE-lab method. In this method colours are defined by their “L” value (grey value), “a” value (position between red and green) and the “b”  value (position between blue and yellow). Once the position of a colour has been identified it is possible to measure the “distance” to a second colour in other words the colour difference between two colours can be measured.  

Colour difference is expressed in a value of Delta E (ΔE), identifying the distance (difference) between two individual colours according to the CIE lab colour system.  

DCC has available an X-Rite RM200QC Spectrocolorimeter. This device can memorize up to 20 colour references. The devise can measure and store up to 350 samples by comparing them to one of the 20 stored references. It is therefore also possible to measure the colour differences between individual batches of supplied products. 

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