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A thorough coating specification is a necessary basis for any successful coating project for the purpose of converting expectations into concrete requirements. DCC supplies unambiguous specifications that provide clarity for all parties involved.

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A well prepared and up to date coating specification is essential for any successful coating job. Having a clear set of requirements and procedures prior to any coating job is important. DCC has extensive experience in the preparation of “traditional” specifications but also specifications for DBFM projects (design, build, finance and maintain). DCC can assist contractors with the preparation of method statements in the context of so-called “functional specifications”. Functional specifications are performance based and typically used by governmental organisations.

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A good coating specification is the basis for a successful project. Next to a good specification a detailed ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) is also important. This document provides an overview of all test and inspections to be performed and when they are to be performed, according to which standard or procedure and what the criteria are for acceptance or rejection.

DCC BV can assist in drawing up specifications as well as Test and Inspection Plans. When owners use a standard specification it is advisable to perform a regular update making sure it is always “up to date”. Standards referred to in the specification may have changed or become obsolete or replaced. 

There is an increase in the use of so called performance based specifications. These do no longer contain a detailed description of the ways and methods of how the work should be executed but ask for a minimum level of performance over a certain period of time. .  The decisions of how the work is to be performed and the coating systems to be used are part of the contractors responsibility.  These specification are often very complex and abstract. DCC is able to help contractors, based on its experience, in the bid process but is also able to draw up performance based specifications for owners.

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