Arbitration and mediation

Very often mediation is the way forward to avoid a legal approach to a problem. If an arbitration legal case cannot be avoided DCC will assist you as a “witness expert”.

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There has been an increase in recent years in the number of legal and arbitration cases concerning coating and corrosion protection. Increasingly, technical assistance in legal conflicts concerning coating and corrosion protection systems is required. Parties often don’t realize that a thorough analysis of the conflict and mediation between parties generally resolves a case faster and significantly cheaper than following the legal path. DCC BV can be of assistance using its extensive (practical) experience and knowledge and can advise on strategic decisions in case of an imminent conflict. DCC BV is often  employed by both parties in a conflict for the purpose of finding an out of court solution to the problem.


More information on arbitration and mediation

Legal procedures concerning coating and corrosion protection in the Netherlands are commonly handled by an arbitration court.  

It is often the case that parties represent themselves as experts. The judges will generally conclude that they do not possess sufficient expertise and will rule that an independent third party expert is to be assigned. This will obviously involve significant costs and generally tends to delay the process. It is possible for the parties involved to, with mutual consent, themselves draw up an assignment for an independent expert. DCC BV has extensive experience in such cases and has resolved many conflicts to the satisfaction of both parties involved. The approach that is followed is that first a thorough analysis is made of all formal documents and agreements between parties as well as an analysis of the nature and (physical) extent of the problem. This is then methodically reported and serves as a basis for the further handling of the case. We know from prior experience that conflicts regarding coating and corrosion protection are generally a combination of multiple causes having sources with both parties involved. It is very rare to find conflict that has both a single cause and single causer. 

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