Maintenance strategies

Establishing a solid maintenance strategy is craftsmanship. It requires knowledge as well as long-term experience. DCC is your partner and capable of generating tailor made solutions.

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Developing and implementing maintenance strategies is important. Governments and responsible government based organizations implement and enforce ever more stringent requirements when it comes to the safety and integrity of installations. It is therefore important to, as an  asset owner, be continuously aware of the integrity of the installation. Corrosion protection is an important aspect in this requirement. The availability of information with regard to the extend and the nature of corrosion is considered vital to convince supervisory authorities that there is a regulated inspection and maintenance regime. A good maintenance strategy provides a clear overview of maintenance priorities and makes it possible to efficiently utilize the available budgets. Typical parts of a maintenance strategy are;

  • Inspection strategy
  • Identifying intervention levels
  • (Coating)maintenance specification

Maintenance programs can be developed for a wide variety of assets. This includes storage tanks, (sea) jetty’s, factories, power plants, bridges, viaducts, etc. A well thought out maintenance strategy ensures that the maximum return can be extracted from the investment in coating systems without unacceptable risks.

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