Cost estimates

A cost estimate can be used as a check on a quotation or may be used for budgetary purposes. DCC provides cost estimates that are in line with the current benchmarks.

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DCC has years of experience in the coating industry. From this experience DCC can provide cost estimates based on the current market situation and up-to-date rates. Cost estimates are required for budget purposes and/or as verification of quotations by contractors. A common reason to prepare cost estimates is to explain considerable differences in quotations between various contractors. Price differences between quotations may have a number of reasons such as differences of opinion between contractors regarding unit rates for surface preparation and the coating systems to be applied. The current market situation, current amount of on-going jobs and specialization of contractors are possible reasons for differences in price as well. DCC clearly identifies these differences between quotations in a transparent way allowing asset owners to select the best offer. Click here for more information on cost estimates.

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